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Link to this article: http://xiangqielephantgame.blogspot.sg/2017/04/gm-yang-guanlin-offer-his-chariot-for.html

GM Yang GuanLin: Offer his chariot for FREE 4 times (von Wong Ping Loong, http://xiangqielephantgame.blogspot.my/ - 22.4.2017 15:43)

GM Yang GuanLin: Offer his chariot for FREE 4 times
The game position shown below was a battle within GM Li YiTing and GM Yang GuanLin.

In this game, GM Yang GuanLin had demonstrated his superior skill in middle game and endgame, and his ability to manage the complicated situation. He was a dangerous attacking player with a mindset that is bold and fear nothing. GM Yang managed to find the right moment to breakthrough Red's defense by offering his chariot 4 times.

Enjoy the game!

Black to move!


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