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Advice for managers to make the workplace Stress free (von Source essay, https://sourceessay.com/dissertation-thesis-writing-service/dissertation-proofreading-services/ - 24.3.2023 11:12)
Advice for managers to make the workplace Stress free

Stress is one of the most prominent features of the modern working system. The managers can play a vital role in decreasing the workload and maintaining a workable atmosphere.
Countless studies show that stress leads to lower levels of fulfilment, inadequate work quality, more health-related issues, and lower productivity and performance of workers.
Quick and Henderson's study claimed that Stress is one of the elements in 7 out of 10 demises worldwide, and workload can be one of the major contributors.
Tetrick and Winslow from the American Psychological Association found that 31% of workers felt stressed during their work hours.
Role of managers in stress removal
Innumerable studies also indicate that employees' primary managers and line managers can play a crucial role in the management of stress.
The question may arise about how managers can build a mentally peaceful workplace.
According to Donaldson-Feilder, line managers are mostly accountable for organizing work and supervising their employee's assignments, they are an aid to their psychological needs and even manage their work-related stress. that's the reason why line managers should obtain the skill of stress management if done competently it will increase the performance level of staff.
Some more research demonstrates that Senior managers should be like empowering figures while giving enough power to line managers to support staff mental health and stress levels, enabling staff's full potential and productivity. Although plenty of studies indicate that line managers are so stressed, how can we expect them to de-stress their staff?
Hence, it requires all levels of managers to come together and support each of them to make the workload or working hours anxiety free.

Steps for creating more productive, anxiety free atmosphere

Regular breaks during work hours: The human brain cannot maintain the same level of focus all-day, some studies suggested that 90-120 minutes of work required some rest before it can function with full focus. Managers can encourage their workers to take breaks during work hours, staff can drink some beverages, walk for some time, or do something amusing.
Private workspace can help in focusing: most offices are in open spaces with a bunch of people working concurrently, which can sometimes be distracting for some. It can develop stress and lower the productivity of staff, private workplaces can be used by workers when they need to focus on some significant projects. Do not disturb signs or quiet hours can be introduced to lower anxiety.
Flexible work policy: creating a work environment with keeping in mind the needs of employees. Holding meetings and understanding their needs and finding alternative arrangements for those who need it. The manager should understand the requirements of employees and formulate a way to work-life balance.
Facility employee concentration
Transparency and accountability toward employees have required attributes of a manager. thus they can develop healthy relationships in the vicinity of the manager and the company.
Putting the right people to the right work understanding the needs of the company and aligning the work with workers according to their potential leads to a better, stress-free work environment.

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