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written by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga - 25.2.2004 1:12)

> Just thought i'd drop by and say Hi. been a while since I played

Hi there back to you! ;-)

> pinball but with this new release and the imminent 1.3 patch I've
>started mapping again and I hpoe to be making some pinball maps.

It would be cool to see some PiNBALL related maps especially made for my mod! B-) I guess, u could make some cool effects with jumppads and such (like a real Pinball table has).

> btw.. how many pinball servers are there, and which ones do most
> people play in ?

Currently you have two servers. One is provided by United (see my news related to this one) and my own private server which had run my betas and is currently running the new release (but not permanently, since I use my server for my other mods also).

> And good work with the new versiion, it ROCKS!

Thanks! B-) ROCK ON! ;-)