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written by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga - 16.4.2004 12:26)

> Just wanted to ask about the altered rifle sound in in2tagib.
> When I run a server myself we get the different sound. Our clan
> server ([FOF] Clan UK Server) runs in2tagib but we don't get the
> altered sound.
> Any suggestions why this is?
That's because your server is pure. The additional soundfiles are installed outside a pk3-file. When a server is pure the client doesn't load any files outside of pk3-files.
Since IN2TAGIB is basically a strictly serverside modification I had to do it this way because otherwise all players had to install the mod clientside. A bug of Elite Force forces a download of a serverside mod when either the server or client has download enabled.
You can prevent this forced download only by putting all mod-files outside pk3 files. Then clients can connect on a pure or unpure server with a serverside mod without having to install the mod on their computers or download it from the server before entering a game.
So basically: Because of a bug of Elite Force I had to trick a little to make a serverside-only modification. This trick causes that soundfiles etc. are not loaded clientside if the server is pure.

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